Robert is the boy with a green sweater and a backwards ballcap. They save themselves by giving all their candy to him. The three are later seen in what appears to be an argument about Roy's earlier comment about his uncle. Roy then tells Rob and Ross that the mansion is "where his uncle takes him", to which they both step away uncomfortably. Original - for watching.For nothing to upload He joins Ross in spitting in the Spooky Kid's eyes, then stomps on Pump's foot. # 1. 158. Ignacio is a grumpy middle aged man who appears in Tender Treats. No matter the time of year, they always celebrate with their infamous Spooky Dance, even if the world around them is twisted and desolate; demons in the attic, killer dolls roaming the . Spooky Month is a Newgrounds and YouTube animated series made by Sr Pelo. 20 days ago. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! He is my 2nd favorite spooky month character. Fitting into her role of Lila's best friend, she greatly cares about the well being of her and Skid, as she was immediately ready to help her find the latter and Pump after realizing a murderous cannibal was chasing them. Skid and Pump knock on his door but break it down, and Ignacio becomes angered by it. In this episode, Rob makes his first appearance along with the rest of the Hatzgang, waiting outside of Pump's house. he retweets art of it on twitter, you absolute buffoon. click off!!) <3. After escaping prison, he targets Skid and Pump the next Halloween as payback against . While his age is unknown, we do know he is at least 21. The kids celebrate halloween like no one! The Happy Fella is a character who appears in a TV special that Skid watches in Spooky Month: Deadly Smiles. It was originally believed that he was going to be killed off in Episode 5 due to a tweet by Sr Pelo, but when the episode premiered it was proven false. Casual "It's really freakin' cool!" Robert, The Spooky Month Series Robert is a minor antagonist in the Spooky Month series and is part of the Hatzgang. After they are left alone Roy checks his candy and Robert if it's enough. Ross enjoys going out at night when his mother isn't watching him. We talk about the new card type, the mechanics, some unique cards, and plenty of nonsense. Kevin is shown to have a dislike for his job, likely due to all of the ways his life goes wrong when he's clocked in. He wears a blue baseball cap, with an orange and yellow striped sweater. Ross dressed up as Frankenstein's monster in Halloween art drawn by Sr. Pelo. if you want Bob velseb I have an other book for him you can go find him there. He is a kid dressed as Sans from the hit video game Undertale. This article lists all of the minor characters in the Spooky Month series. October 30th, 2018 His name was unknown for a long time until Pelo decided to give him one on one of his drawing streams. Once Bob is finally defeated by being shot and ran over several times, Lila, Skid and Pump are dropped off at their respective homes, leaving Jaune still in the back of the police car. He was presumably poisoned, and it can be assumed that Frank kidnapped him after this scene. It is implied Jaune called John and Jack to Lila's house after this incident. rossspookymonth. Hope you like it! He also features spiked bits at the bottom end of his hair and also a V-shaped mouth, both reminiscent of his mother, Jaune. While not shown on screen, he and the rest of the Hatzgang are the cause of Skid and Pump being beaten up, with Skid being shoved into the Happy Fella box, and Pump being forced into the Happy Fella's outfit. Something Spooky. She only appears in it's spooky month. Spooky Month 5 - Tender Treats. A very creepy man who lurks in the house on the hilltop. He offers that Sad Guy come with him to have some fun and see some good stuff, to which Sad Guy agrees. Which Spooky Month character are you. He first appears in Spooky Month - The Stars, in which he, along with Roy and Ross, bully Skid and Pump. Takes place after tender treats. Upon hearing that it's Spooky Month, he and Robert both begin to perform a less exaggerated version of the spooky dance.,, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. if you couldn't tell I love roy [I drew him TWICE] but not much is actually said or shown about his personality so far other than that he tries to comfort Roy when he gets agitated. When you realise you can look at Picasso paintings as regular portraits. Roy dressed up as a vampire in Halloween art drawn by Sr. Pelo. Rob has the biggest smile of the Hatzgang, and has a mole just between his mouth and right eye. Rob wears a backwards facing blue baseball cap. Their old forensic was retiring so they needed someone else. tall asf. He does everything he can to try to make Sad Guy happy, referring to him as "my fella." Suggested age range - 5-8 Years. No matter the time of year, they always celebrate with their infamous Spooky Dance, even if the world around them is twisted and desolate; demons in the attic, killer dolls roaming the streets, and a mysterious cult sneaking around the town. Ross' father is, as his name would suggest, the father of Ross and the husband of Jaune. She is dead now, as her grave is in Spooky Month 2, "The Stars.". # 3. He is the tallest of the trio, according to the official reference image of the Hatzgang. Spooky Month: With David Cazares, Elsie Lovelock, CoffinJockey, Elusive. ago. [7]They dont talk. Sr Pelo He is a bald man wearing traditional black priest attire and a cross necklace. Their first appearance was in Spooky Month: The Stars. Join. My name is Ross. He is the shortest of the trio. 36-year-old actress and "Funny Girl" on Broadway star Lea Michele shared health updates about her son during the Time 100 Gala red carpet. Follow. A cringe train but To Roy's question about their destination they say they're going to get more candy. Ross appears to be a young teen with black hair and eyes that is partly shrouded by his hat. Arizona (presumably) Woman is arrested after 'pulling 10 gallon drum containing body of her boyfriend's six-year-old daughter - who had been strangled - and dumping it on little girl's mother's lawn in Louisiana' They also seem to be flirting with them as well. Unlike most other characters in the series, Robert is always drawn with fingers. ------------ so in this wattpad story im going to do the little pesky gremlins. Roy is seen alongside the other Hatzgang members, talking about trick-or-treating. Her name is French for "yellow" which is presumably why her clothing and hair are different shades of yellow. United States by lsg. He first appears in Spooky Month - The Stars, in which he, along with Roy and Ross, bully Skid and Pump. He spits in Skid's eyes and stops on his foot, while Robert does the same to Pump, and then Roy bonks them both on the head. Ross and Robert get annoyed towards Roy when it is revealed that he lied to them about not being allowed a costume, and when Roy's mother calls them plebeians. Roy's uncle is implied to have sexually abused him. However, Ross and Robert seem to settle terms with Roy after he gives them all the candy his mother bought at the candy store for him. Santa Claus momentarily appears at the end of It's spooky month, where he is seen violently attacking Moloch. Radford can be seen wearing 3D glasses, but it is unknown if this is simply a fashion statement or something he is required to do for his job. Roy has to clarify that he meant their. The three team up on Skid and Pump, with Robert and Ross spitting in their faces and stomping on their feet, and Roy finishing by bonking them on the head. Ross {Spooky Month} gimmeurskin. Fashion starts here. 6. i think you are looking for the words sleep paralysis :] Affectionate_Kick705 2 yr. ago. He is not very talkative.[1]. This will probably be cringe. He is implied to be a cult member or possible leader. Roy's rich parents. Robert politely asks the kids for candy, they allow the gang to take some. A Los Angeles native, Brandi got to start . Qualifying purchases could enjoy No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more. After Roy bonks the two on the head and questions why they're outside, Pump responds that it's Spooky Month, to with Ross and Rob share a surprised look before giddily spooky dancing behind Roy. The Hatzgang are getting candies from the candy store when Kevin notices that Roy has stuffed his pockets with extra candies. Portrayed by Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Jaune Robert wears a backwards facing blue baseball cap.,,,,,,, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. This is seen in an old photograph that Lila shows Skid at the end of Tender Treats. Rob has the biggest smile of the Hatzgang, and has a mole just between his mouth and right eye. However, they are attacked once again in the car by Bob through the window, whilst the policemen are distracted outside. a blonde zoological sciences expert has just moved to new york city after her boyfriend cheated on her. Yyyyaaaaayyyyyy.() He first appears in Spooky Month - The Stars, in which him and his friends Ross and Robert, bully Skid and Pump. Most notably when he expresses disgust towards Roy when he . WEXFORD is set to take the Eve of All Hallows seriously with a spinechilling series of spooky event all around the county. The Hatzgang's designs may be based off the The Too-Tall Gang. Spooky Month Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Ross stops Roy from stealing Skid and Pump's candy since he didn't have a costume. Female He is the only son of Jaune, Lila's best friend, which is rather ironic given that he's not exactly on good terms with Lila's son, Skid. Ana Guerrero @Everyday_AnnyBruno Higuera @BrunanosArtCompadrito @Compadrito0088Eth Olvera @poisonjabs Gael Rice @GaelRice Ami Guilln @lemonteaflowerKarla Snchez @Kasafraz Marco Cardenas @marcocardenas2D Max Grohovaz @maxdei_0092 Mhuyo @mhuyo181 Mr Blaz @mmrblazPretcht @precht_artRenaToons @RenaToonsSangury @soysangurySben @Sben64Shunoox @Shunoox Stephan Scoer @titanstephDeclan Van West @dvanw6Yuramec @YuramecX3Daniel St. Clair Rafael Rodriguez @zombicoolDavid Axel--BackgroundsAna Palomino @AnaPijamas Ao Clover @aoclover6378 BeffenM @beffenm1803 Sofa Spanchez @mausinnerBrian Zavala @Mizu_wolfMillyna Liu @mools__--3D BackgroundsBrian Zavala @Mizu_wolfVlurr @Vlurr143_______________-SubtittlesSadly Youtube stop supporting the \"community captions\". Orlando things to do guide, including concerts, events, festivals, restaurant reviews, movies, TV and more 1. Robert, Radford, and Robin's uncle. Very little is known about her, as she is not acknowledged by any characters in the episode and is only alluded to in the background. WARNING!! She shares her grandson's love of Halloween . Have fun reading about a smiling cutie pie, "we're a gang. Roy then snaps at the two kids, but notices the Happy Fella. The 37 th running of the $1 million Old Forester Bourbon Turf Classic (GI) on Saturday, May 6 for 4-year-olds and up at 1 1/8 miles on turf (entries close Monday, May 1): Santin (Brendan Walsh); Spooky Channel (Jason Barkley); Up to the Mark (Todd Pletcher); and Wolfie's Dynaghost (Jonathan Thomas). Itsa Spooky Month! (Y/n) and their parents just moved into a new neighbourhood due to job difficulties by part of their parents.What hapoens when you go on a walk,and try to defend 2 kids. While not confirmed, it is possible that his design was based on Too-Tall Grizzly. Sans Kid is a minor character in Tender Treats. Ross and Robert get annoyed towards Roy when it is revealed that he lied to them about not being allowed a costume, and when Roy's mother calls them plebeians. Read the most popular spookymonth ross stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Producer After their encounter with Bob, Roy's parents pick up Roy. but not much is actually said or shown about his personality so far other than that he tries to comfort Roy when he gets agitated. Carmen says Roy shouldn't hang with Ross and Robert, calling them plebeians, to which they also frown, but still look upset because of Roy leaving. Ross and Robert happily do the Spooky Dance in the background. He is thus far the only known employee (besides Rick although he later quit). Robert notes that his sister likes the Happy Fella, but Roy comes up with an idea, presumably beating up the kids and ruining their toy, as the kids are shown to be dizzied, with their toy ruined. +8 more. He first appears in Spooky Month - The Stars, in which him and his friends Ross and Robert, bully Skid and Pump. I suck at descri (Spooky month reader insert with an original story) Similar to Robert, Ross has certain standards when it comes to picking on others. rosssssington. He has curly blonde hair, and wears an oversized . 07 Jun 2022. Ladies reckon they are handier than blokes at the summer cooking staple, with almost half saying they are better at cooking on coals. Although, it is likely the former due to Rick not wearing any during his time working. Eye color As he speaks, he seems to stim physically, balling his hands up and shaking them up and down. . Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! BOB VELSEB MY . The unofficial subreddit for the yearly animated series "Spooky Month" created Confirmed to be related to Robert by Sr. Peloinvoked. The Great American Songbook's influence echoes down the decades, more than half a century after the rock'n'roll revolution first promised to put . He is very emotional and lashes out if he feels threatened, which may suggest that he has an issue with not being in control. 2008 by Hugh Ross (#334382509912) x***t (802) - Feedback left by buyer x***t (802). Ross, in a warning tone: Oh, Roy. The . He and Ross get uncomfortable when Roy brings up that the mansion is "where his uncle takes him", and they both step away from him. Roy wears a blue baseball cap, with an dark orange, pastel yellow striped sweater, black pants and black shoes. He appeared as a plushie in Unwanted Guest, and a kid dressed as him in Tender Treats, who gets his mic stolen by Roy. Roy, Ross and Robert are characters in the spooky month series and play semi-important roles in Spooky Night Monthin. Sr Pelo Originally prank-called into the mortal realm using an Ouija board by Skid and Pump, he grows to . Ross then comforts Roy once he gets frustrated and angry at Skid and Pump for getting him in trouble. However, it's shown despite this, Roy does in fact value them as friends due to his overbearing wealthy parents. Roy, along with the rest of The Hatzgang, makes his first appearance in this episode, where they are waiting for Skid and Pump outside of Pump's house. Soon after, Lila drops the phone line in fear after Bob confronts her in the house, leaving Jaune in the dark. No Archive Warnings Apply; Ross & Skid (Spooky Month) Lila/Jaune (Spooky Month) Ross (Spooky Month) Skid (Spooky Month) Robert (Spooky Month) Roy (Spooky Month) This took two days XD(Characters and Spooky Month belong to Sr Pelo): hate comments will be deleted and DO NOT REP. Roy is now also scared, as he realizes it wasn't a dream. :D This is my first story!! Remember you told me that your son shares the doll with his friend? Neither of them are particularly nice people. Throughout Tender Treats, he is constantly mistaken for Bob and attacked, finally running away in fear when he sees Jack and John shooting Bob to death. Susie threatens to call them when she finds Skid and Pump with the Happy Fella, who is holding a knife, to which Pump responds in a smug manner that she can do so if she wants, since they never answer anyway. Moloch is a major antagonist of the Spooky Month web series by Sr. Pelo, specifically serving as a supporting character in It's spooky month and Spooky Month: The Stars, the main antagonist of Spooky Month: Unwanted Guest and the posthumous overarching antagonist of Spooky Month: Deadly Smiles. Ross (Son)Unnamed husband Roy is the de facto leader of the Hatzgang. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Ross is a calm and laid-back introverted boy. Ross & Dexter (Spooky Month) Ross (Spooky Month) Dexter Erotoph; Ghost Dexter; Summary. Ross/Roy (Spooky Month) Ross (Spooky Month) Roy (Spooky Month) Robert (Spooky Month) Susie (Spooky Month) Inspired by The Great Gatsby. this was hella fun to make and it blew up on tiktok so its goin here ---characters:bob velseb - sr pelolila - sr pelo"spooky month" belongs to the amazing . Dimensions - 8.5" W x 11" H x 0.2" D. She shares her grandson's love of Halloween. Well, I got another one for the both of them! How will the two go about these new feelings? He is the tallest of all the Hatzgang. To Ross advice to just leave Skid and Pump alone he just groans and calls him "a party-pooper", meanwhile.,,,,, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Past month; . She only appears in it's spooky month. They are saved after John and Jack run Bob over, and then decide to hitch a ride in their police car to get back home. Disney Junior. The kids are happy to play games, but some fellows are not as happy as them.Real Ending - - https://w. Edit 3/8: This is kinda cringey now that I'm going back a. Roy is typically seen with a large and mischievous grin. He's the boy with the striped sweater and ballcap, and is also the only son of Carmen and Richard, two of the richest people in town. The News Man appears in Deadly Smiles reporting on the escape of cannibalistic serial killer, Bob Velseb. when not at work, he usually wears a pink tee-shirt with a white stripe on both sleeves, light blue jeans, and black shoes. A book where every character like to ever exist in Fnf simps over you, possibly even girls if there is any in this story because almost EVERY FNF CHARACTER IS MALE. 4. this whole page took too much time out of my life </3. Kevin doesn't seem to be able to hold back sharp comments, and this gets him into trouble as a result. Episode 88 of The Memory Jar, a Magic: The Gathering podcast about the cards, decks, people, and stories that make Magic the game we love.This week, we look at March of the Machine, the final set in the four-set story arc about the Phyrexians invading the multiverse. +16 more. Based on by I'm tired.. 50.6K 946 26. Jaune's husband and Ross' father, who has yet to make an appearance in the series. . Lizzie Freeman fanart; ross; self-harm; spooky-month; He is the shortest of . Sad Guy is a character who appears in a TV special that Skid is watching in Spooky Month: Deadly Smiles. Language: English Words: 678 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 15 Hits: 105 Kevin is one of the few adults in the series that have been harmless toward Skid and Pump. Rob gets very excited when the Happy Fella is brought up, exclaiming that his little sister owns one. Robin is a fan character created by mildmischief that was later canonized in Deadly Smiles. This can be seen in. For more info and tropes on him, check the, Early Installment Character-Design Difference, incestual pedophile who's done nasty things to his own nephew. Early Installment Character-Design Difference: Ross's head starts out as square-shaped and squat, but soon grows to be longer and rounder, and his mullet also grows in size. Sr Pelo 194K 5.4K 30. gianna tribbiani. Ross is a member of The Hatzgang and a secondary antagonist in the Spooky Month series. Dark blue cape. (Unimportant or briefly seen characters. anton and madeleine lesser, who is replacing holly on this morning,